Judge John Warner had a large selection of top quality youngsters to place in the 2023 Michigan Morgan Horse Breeders Futurity classes, and congratulations to all who participated and went home with checks!


Walton & Loubert Families Morgan Yearling Sweepstakes (11 entries)

  1. Sugarlane Spartacus (Demander’s Handsome Dude x Sugarlane Mahogany), owned & shown by Jon & Vicky Sweet
  2. OTM Cherished Gift (OTM Total Eclipse x KSS Persistence), owned & shown by Chris & Denielle Peters
  3. A&M Just N Cause (Masked Earl x JDS Flashpoint), owned & shown by Annette Smith
  4. SDMF American Deal (SDMF American Icon x JW First Dance), owned & shown by Ron Skover
  5. SN Bonne Nuit (Heartland-Special-Dreamer x CBMF Simply Outrajus), shown by Alexandra Walton, owned by Scott Nevers
  6. JDS Black Magic (Rowenda Boogie On Down x JDS Promises Promises), owned & shown by Debbie LaMay
  7. SN Last Call (War And Peace x Belle’s Enchantment), shown by Samantha Haleks, owned by Scott Nevers
  8. Valley Acres Mariah (King-E Otto B x Chit Chat), shown by Wendy Peterson, owned by Dr. Kenneth & Mike Wahl
  9. Ultras Talent Show (Ultras Talent Agent x FCM Show & Tell), shown by Drake Symbolik, owned by Annette Smith
  10. GWS Moonlight Sonata (Dreamer’s Moonlight Rambo GCH x GWS Saving Grace), shown by Donna Mahoney, owned by GWS Partnership & Ralph Beebe
  11. JWB A Time To Gamble (Timeless Delight x JWB The Majic Touch), owned & shown by Drake Symbolik

Appointments USA Morgan Weanling Spectacular (25 entries)

  1. JDS Rise Up (Merriehill After Hours x Unruly), shown by Ken Martin, owned by Debbie LaMay
  2. LBJ Sophia Rae (Bazinga x LBJ Tesla Coil), shown by Tim Roesink, owned by Laura Braddock
  3. Ultras I’m A Believer (Ultras Talent Agent x NS I Believe), owned & shown by Annette Smith
  4. LSMF Robo (Roberto Cavalli x Born In April), owned & shown by Jeremy Schlabach
  5. Ultras Rumor Has It (Ultras Talent Agent x Chit Chat), owned & shown by Annette Smith
  6. Andi (Caffeinated x Andillusian), shown by Dennis Schlabach, owned by Romp-N-Play Stables
  7. MAV Monogram (Sarde’s Shining x MAV China Doll), shown by Mike Wahl, owned by Mark & Heidi Nichols
  8. Adventurouslee (Astronomicallee x Lady Luck), shown by Taylor Hummel, owned by Taylor & Jeremy Hummel
  9. Macchiato (Caffeinated x Sugarland Sinful), owned & shown by William Tressler
  10. SN Pending 3 (Rowenda Boogie On Down x Belle’s Enchantment), owned & shown by Scott Nevers
  11. Ultras De Ja Vu (Ultras Talent Agent x Ultras Echo), owned & shown by Annette Smith
  12. Soul Rocket (Akira Derringer GCH x CBMF Alone At Last), shown by Bert Earehart, owned by Ann Fox